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Wash Day (2020)
director, cinematographer, editor
The act of washing one’s hair and body serves as the touchstone for Wash Day—an intimate exploration into how private, domestic acts such as washing your hair or putting on makeup become a significant re-acquaintance with the body, before and after navigating the politics of one’s outwardly appearance. As they get ready for the day, three young Black women discuss the public perception of their Blackness in its relation to their personal journeys in cultivating a strong sense of self.

Currently streaming on sisterhoodmediaTV.

A complete list of Wash Day festival screenings and awards can be viewed here.

1 vers[us] 1 (2018)
director, cinematographer, editor

1 vers[us] 1 is a 5-minute meditation on occupying the space between becoming increasingly aware of the colonial, white supremacist framework that underscored your religious upbringing and the heartwarming feeling of a loved one telling you that they're praying for you. A play on the nomenclature of biblical scripture, 1 vers[us] 1 speaks on feelings of isolation in your disillusionment, and how one's impelled connection to a divine figure may feel burdensome as opposed to invigorating.

Currently streaming on sisterhoodmediaTV.
A complete list of 1 vers[us] 1 festival screenings and awards can be viewed here.

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